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Frequently Asked Questions

Skip tracing is the art of locating a range of data specific to the person, or group of people, being searched.

In our case, we locate landline and mobile phone numbers to contribute to your outreach or marketing efforts.

Marketing efforts that require phone numbers to people who are normally hard to reach is why our service is so prominent. Some of these marketing strategies include Cold Calling, RVM (Ringless Voicemail), SMS Text Blasts, etc.

Results come back within 24 hours. This holds true even through the weekend!

You must upload a CSV file with the following header titles in six separate columns: First Name, Last Name, Address, City State, Zip.

We are the #1 Pay-per-result skip tracing service. We strictly charge you for what is recoverable and that is it. You will never be charged for any record that comes back blank.

If there was no data recovered for a record, you will not be charged for it. It’s that simple. We only charge “per result” and we think it’s the most fair way to serve our clients.

All CSV files are automatically deleted within 7 days after the order completion.

We know how important outreach campaigns and marketing dollars are to your business. We have worked tirelessly to scale for best prices in order to create the most fair pricing structure for our clients!

No data is 100% accurate. However, the results we retrieve are recovered from non-publicized credit sources and private databases.

Our minimum order is at least 200 uploaded records or $10; whichever dollar amount is greater.

We can only skip trace the first and last name of property owners. Business entities and Trusts will not be skip traced.

Because of our amazing pricing structure, our minimum order is 200 uploaded records.

Once you submit a list, under no circumstance will there be a refund or cancellation.